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Something worthy of Hudson County politics took place this week in Sussex County. It’s not surprising because the insider candidate for the Republican nod to replace Parker Space as Freeholder is a long-time Democrat Party campaign operative in Hudson County. Yep, GOP Freeholder hopeful George Graham has made a career out of running the campaigns of some of the biggest Democrat skunks in the Hudson County swamp.

That makes two Hudson County operatives running for Republican nominations in Sussex County this year. The other is Rick Shaftan, candidate for Republican State Committeeman and the consultant for triple-dipper Mayor/Legislator/Public Employee Nick Sacco, the Democrat who represents part of Hudson County in the State Senate. (more…)

Already reeling from what most would consider an innocuous Open Public Records Request, the township of Vernon would appear to have something to hide.  Sources inside the Vernon Township municipal building are continuing to discuss an Open Public Records Request (OPRA) that the mayor and those closest to him appear to not want to answer.

One source, on the condition that they remain anonymous, confirmed that the request was not responded to within the seven days as required by law.  (more…)