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Something worthy of Hudson County politics took place this week in Sussex County. It’s not surprising because the insider candidate for the Republican nod to replace Parker Space as Freeholder is a long-time Democrat Party campaign operative in Hudson County. Yep, GOP Freeholder hopeful George Graham has made a career out of running the campaigns of some of the biggest Democrat skunks in the Hudson County swamp.

That makes two Hudson County operatives running for Republican nominations in Sussex County this year. The other is Rick Shaftan, candidate for Republican State Committeeman and the consultant for triple-dipper Mayor/Legislator/Public Employee Nick Sacco, the Democrat who represents part of Hudson County in the State Senate. (more…)

Last week, Sussex County Freeholders Phil Crabb and Rich Zeoli did an about face. Under pressure from local municipalities and members of SWAC, the two Freeholders withdrew from the controversial trash “subcommittee” they had formed in late June. Ever since, emotions have run high, with Zeoli especially looking for someone to blame for the clumsy and possibly illegal way in which he and Crabb created the “subcommittee”. (more…)

We know that the dynamic duo of Phil Crabb and Rich Zeoli did the selling job, but did any of the three other members of the Sussex County Freeholder Board know about the shocking history of SentosaCare LLC? Or is it the case, as one wag put it, of a county administrator who thinks he’s an elected county executive?

Last Thursday night, the Freeholder Board voted to sell the county’s nursing home, the Homestead, to SentosaCare for $7.85 million. SentosaCare was one of several bidders on the facility at an auction held July 18th. (more…)

Until a week ago each of Sussex County’s 24 municipalities had control over the future of waste disposal for the county’s 149,265 residents. Until then, each municipality was represented at the Solid Waste Advisory Council (SWAC).

SWAC had recommended that the county establish a transfer station to take over the county landfill when it reaches capacity in 2018. Now that recommendation is subject to tinkering by a new group established by the Freeholder Board on June 27. The new board is called a “subcommittee” but only two of its five members are elected officials.

The New Jersey Herald reported that Freeholder Director Phil Crabb “appointed himself (more…)