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You see this kind of thing in the third world: Regimes using food as an inducement to vote a certain way. The United Nations got its knickers in a twist a few years ago, when the authoritarians who run Burma used the promise of free rice and cooking oil as an inducement to vote their way.

Closer to home there have been accusations by Republicans in the 2010 and 2012 congressional elections that Democrats were trying to induce voters with the promise of free food. In the 2010 race to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada, Republicans were incensed by the liberal Democrat’s offer of “free food” at “voter turnout events.”

The Las Vegas Sun reported that the Republican’s lawyer called it “ACORN-style tactics” after the leftist organization that got caught up in scandal after the 2008 election. Republicans have called such tactics “voter enticement”. (more…)

Americans for Liberty, an organization that promoted controversial Agenda 21 campaigner Maggie Roddin, attacked Governor Chris Christie this week for his turnabout on accepting an expansion of Medicaid funding in New Jersey to cover 300,000 state residents without healthcare coverage. The group’s Facebook page branded the Republican Governor “a useless traitor”.

Last summer, Americans for Liberty got into hot water for promoting the speaking tour of Maggie Roddin, who frequently hosts holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis (Roddin calls them “freedom fighters”) on her Internet radio program. (more…)

Protect New Jersey’s Children

Posted: February 8, 2013 in NJGOP
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A million dollars is spent each year to prevent school children from calling each other names but nothing is spent to protect schools from invasion by an armed criminal.  What is wrong with the priorities of the legislative Democrats who sponsored A2709?


This legislation appropriated $1 million to “implement bullying prevention programs and anti-bullying training programs” in New Jersey schools but does nothing to prevent a criminal who, in defiance of every gun law man can devise, takes a weapon into a no-gun school zone, forces his way into a school, and then starts a murderous rampage. (more…)

Next Saturday, January 19th, a cross-section of New Jersey conservatives will meet to discuss the future of the Republican Party, and the future of their movement.  The public is invited to listen to the discussion and will have the opportunity to participate in a question and answer session. (more…)

2013. Sigh.

Posted: November 26, 2012 in New Jersey Primary, NJGOP
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A recent Tea Party email takes this juvenile “kill em all and let God sort em out approach”:


Dear Fellow Patriots:

Today marks 334 days to Election Day 2013, when all 120 NJ legislative seats, and that of governor are up for election. Why is this important? And why now?

This election affords us the opportunity to accomplish here in New Jersey what we were unable to accomplish nationally – restore government to the people. By so doing we can start a trend to be followed all across America. (more…)