Citizen Watchdog This Weekend

Posted: May 15, 2013 in County Wide


3 Days to Go! Join AFP Foundation, James O’Keefe, Guy Benson & Dana Loesch Saturday, May 18 in AC!

Don’t miss this great chance to become a part of the citizen journalism movement!
Enter discount code “HalfCode” and save 50% off the original registration price!


AFP Foundation is dealing you a winning hand this weekend in Atlantic City!

At our Citizen Watchdog Summit this Saturday in AC, AFP Foundation is affording you the opportunity to meet three rising stars in the conservative movement while receiving the best training in the business on how to become a citizen journalist!

And the best part? You can now attend this great event for half the original price, just $15 bucks! (Click to take advantage of this special offer now! Enter code “HalfCode” at registration!)

AFP Foundation has an exciting and jam-packed program on tap. First, you will get to hear from the man who took down ACORN, exposed NPR and exposed the NJEA teachers union, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe! James is ready to give you the inside scoop about his run-ins with the mainstream media and show you just what it takes to follow in his footsteps in online investigative journalism!

James will be joined by two of top young talents in the conservative movement:’s Guy Benson and Talk Radio Starlet Dana Loesch!

And throughout the day, you will receive expert training, tips and techniques from our friends at Franklin Center’s Watchdog Wire on how to hit the ground running in citizen journalism! By day’s end you will be armed and equipped with the skills you need to become a proficient citizen journalist, ready to take keep the powerful at all levels of government in check!

Let’s face it, you and I can no longer sit back and rely on the old media to do its job or to assure transparency in government. It’s time for conservatives to claim the mantle of good journalism: to take on the responsibility of keeping an eye on our elected leaders and exposing instances of waste, fraud and corruption by those entrusted with power.

So, don’t fold this winning hand! Cash in your chips by registering now for our Citizen Watchdog Summit this weekend at the Convention Center and become a member of the growing army of citizen journalists!

Click here to reserve your seat today and enter the discount code “HalfCode” to save 50% off the original registration price!

Citizen Watchdog Summit – Saturday, May 18
Atlantic City Convention Center
One Convention Boulevard
Atlantic City, NJ, 08401
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

(Click for map)


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