Something worthy of Hudson County politics took place this week in Sussex County. It’s not surprising because the insider candidate for the Republican nod to replace Parker Space as Freeholder is a long-time Democrat Party campaign operative in Hudson County. Yep, GOP Freeholder hopeful George Graham has made a career out of running the campaigns of some of the biggest Democrat skunks in the Hudson County swamp.

That makes two Hudson County operatives running for Republican nominations in Sussex County this year. The other is Rick Shaftan, candidate for Republican State Committeeman and the consultant for triple-dipper Mayor/Legislator/Public Employee Nick Sacco, the Democrat who represents part of Hudson County in the State Senate.

It looks like the county cabal decided to Get Hudson on Helen Wilson LeFrois, former Newton Mayor and the young lady with the temerity to challenge Graham at the convention to be held to replace Space. Another candidate, former Mayor Gary Larson of Frankford, had a better bullshit meter. He took one smell of the steaming pile building up around the convention and gave it a pass. Catch you at the primary, said Larson. Smart fella, because the boys aren’t playing it straight with this convention.

Nobody knows who put out the rumor that there was a “curious delay” in calling the convention when, in fact, it totally fell within historic norms. Some blame the New Jersey Herald newspaper. Others disagree and say that even a newspaper wouldn’t deal in raw lies like that. Some have pointed to the “Sussex County Scofflaw”, the one and only Phil Crabb, Freeholder and Chief Informant to the Herald.

Enter the lawyers. They claimed that they had to schedule a convention to choose a new Freeholder before the sitting Freeholder had left office “because logistically we wanted to make sure we were covered in the event that anything went wrong.” Is that “anything” the possibility of anyone other than Graham winning the convention?

The county’s top lawyer claimed to be “uncertain regarding the legal deadlines for holding a vote”, but later in the article “found nothing that would preclude holding a convention, and installing the winner on the freeholder board, between the filing deadline and the primary.”

This isn’t rocket science. Neighboring Warren County had one of these conventions in 2009. They figured it out without an excessive amount of lawyering. It is actually pretty easy once the million dollar lawyer is taken away. In Warren County, a Freeholder was selected in a convention to become an Assemblyman on February 21, 2009. He was sworn in on March 16, 2009. A convention was held to fill the vacated Freeholder position on April 7, 2009.

In Sussex County, Parker Space was selected in a convention to become an Assemblyman on February 23, 2012. He will be sworn in on March 21, 2012. The million dollar lawyer thinks the date of the convention to fill the vacancy left by Space should be March 20, 2012. Hmmmmm… does this sound ass backwards to you too?

Not if you are from Hudson County it doesn’t.

  1. Spooner says:

    Allow me to add my two cents to the mad, mad world of Sussex County politics.

  2. Madame Cha Cha says:

    The Sussex County looney bin keeps getting loonier. . .

    • weird says:

      which attorney attended hump hump law School in panama city? sell crazy somewhere else were all stocked up here. LOL

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