Group that promoted holocaust denier attacks Christie

Posted: February 28, 2013 in New Jersey Primary, NJGOP
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Americans for Liberty, an organization that promoted controversial Agenda 21 campaigner Maggie Roddin, attacked Governor Chris Christie this week for his turnabout on accepting an expansion of Medicaid funding in New Jersey to cover 300,000 state residents without healthcare coverage. The group’s Facebook page branded the Republican Governor “a useless traitor”.

Last summer, Americans for Liberty got into hot water for promoting the speaking tour of Maggie Roddin, who frequently hosts holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis (Roddin calls them “freedom fighters”) on her Internet radio program. Americans for Liberty was formed in December 2009 as a for-profit corporation. The owner of this company is Deborah DeLuca of Sparta, New Jersey.

DeLuca has informed members of the Sussex County Republican Committee that she is running for the position of Republican State Committeewoman in June.

  1. Who cares who wrote it says:

    Who cares? Does it matter when it’s a Holocaust denier?

    Anybody who supports that crazy Maggie Roddin is bad in my book. Anyone who opposes her is good. GOGGLE her sometime and up will pop swastikas.

    Roseann, do you support Holocaust denial? Do you wear a swastika?

    Hooray for whoever wrote this! I support Nazi hunters.

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