Protect New Jersey’s Children

Posted: February 8, 2013 in NJGOP
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A million dollars is spent each year to prevent school children from calling each other names but nothing is spent to protect schools from invasion by an armed criminal.  What is wrong with the priorities of the legislative Democrats who sponsored A2709?


This legislation appropriated $1 million to “implement bullying prevention programs and anti-bullying training programs” in New Jersey schools but does nothing to prevent a criminal who, in defiance of every gun law man can devise, takes a weapon into a no-gun school zone, forces his way into a school, and then starts a murderous rampage.  Which is the bigger threat to children?


Will any of the 20-some bills being pushed through the Assembly next week protect our school children in a tangible way?  Of course not.  They are politically-correct attempts to make it seem as though the political class is doing something, when in fact they are doing nothing.  The entire legislative package proposed next weeks is aimed at taking firearms away from the innocent – law abiding citizens who have committed no crime – while doing nothing tangible to prevent criminals from getting and using illegal firearms.


The only real protection our school children can count on is the presence of a “good guy” with a firearm to stand between our children and the criminal with a gun.  Get real Democrats.

  1. Bbibbett1 says:

    Protecting our children is not the Government’s job!

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