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A few conservative groups straddle state lines.  Last week, a Tea Party member from one of these groups posed this challenge:  He asked if anyone could find anyone who could name a campaign whose money came almost exclusively from a single source. (more…)

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) endorsed a bunch of liberal Democrats this week:  Bob Menendez, Upendra Chivukula, Shelly Adler, Frank Pallone, Bill Pascrell, and Marie Corfield.  The announcement was made by Rahaman Muhammad, SEIU Council President, and President of SEIU Local 617.  Last month, Muhammad told Project Veritas how his union buys politicians like Bob Menendez.


The SEIU made the news again.  The Record (Bergen County) reports that two nursing homes have “filed a lawsuit alleging that (SEIU) union leaders have engaged in extortion and racketeering.” (more…)