Steinberg is no Ronald Reagan

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
Tags: , , , , columnist Alan Steinberg is angry at Dick Morris for being too optimistic about the chances of the Romney-Ryan.


Steinberg went after Morris for trying to spin polls showing Romney trailing Obama nationally and in a number of battleground states.  That’s politics, though why Steinberg would want to give up so early is a mystery to us.


This Reagan quote from a New York City Reception for Delegates to the State Republican Convention on June 17, 1982, struck us as the better way to go:


“I remember back there when everyone told us to write off New York in 1980 and not to waste our time or effort here because there was no chance. And it was George Clark [New York State Republican chairman] who said, “Not on your life, nothing doing,” and he was right. And you know what happened.”


Reagan won New York 47-44 and Al D’Amato was elected to the US Senate that year.

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