Archive for September, 2012 columnist Alan Steinberg is angry at Dick Morris for being too optimistic about the chances of the Romney-Ryan.


Steinberg went after Morris for trying to spin polls showing Romney trailing Obama nationally and in a number of battleground states.  That’s politics, though why Steinberg would want to give up so early is a mystery to us. (more…)


An interesting article on the front page of today’s New Jersey Herald details the lengths government will go through to keep their operations from public scrutiny. In this case, a lawsuit has been filed by open records advocate John Paff, in an attempt to compel the High Point Regional Board of Education to make public a report on an investigation into an incident between a school superintendent and a student. The Herald reported:

“The investigation, which concluded in April, was prompted by an incident off school grounds last November in which (Superintendent) Hannum, while nude, (more…)