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The Citizens Campaign reported yesterday on some good news coming out of Trenton:

Citizens create Trenton Ethics Board

August 22, 2012

For the past few months all eyes have been on Trenton as FBI squads raid city hall and carry out boxes of documents. No one knows who the target is, or what the charges are, but all of this has put a cloud over our capital city. So it is refreshing to have a ray of sunshine emanating from city hall. After more than a year of working and lobbying the city council, Marge Berkeyheiser, Vertulie Massenat, and other Trenton residents were successful in creating a Trenton Ethics Board. (more…)


The New Jersey Foundation for Open government will host a discussion on “Open Government” Saturday September 22, 2012 at Raritan Valley Community College, 118 Lamington Road, in Branchburg.  The discussion includes expert speakers, breakfast and lunch.  The program runs from 9:30 to 3:30.  An excellent way to learn about government transparency and your rights. (more…)

It is happening all over New Jersey. If you want to know why professional vendors are forming PACs as a way to bully elected officials into giving them government contracts, njbiz reported yesterday that “law firm revenues recorded an historic drop in 2011”. That’s it. They need the money. Your tax money. (more…)

Last week, Sussex County Freeholders Phil Crabb and Rich Zeoli did an about face. Under pressure from local municipalities and members of SWAC, the two Freeholders withdrew from the controversial trash “subcommittee” they had formed in late June. Ever since, emotions have run high, with Zeoli especially looking for someone to blame for the clumsy and possibly illegal way in which he and Crabb created the “subcommittee”. (more…)