Is Vernon Twp. Hiding Something?

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Vendor's Pac
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Two sources from inside the Vernon Township Municipal building have stated that officials are scrambling as a result of recent Open Public Records Act requests.  Officials as high as Mayor Marotta and including the township attorney and their correspondence regarding the hiring of certain individuals are among documents being sought in an OPRA request filed with the township.

According to the sources, who requested anonymity, the request is stirring consternation because of the relationship between the township attorney and the Skylands Victory PAC, as well as current township Business Administrator Gerald Giamis.  Both sources claimed to have seen the request with one calling it “extensive”.  Another said that the requester, whom they did not identify, was seeking documents relating to the hiring of Gerald Giamis both as Township Manager and as Business Administrator.

One source claimed that they heard a discussion which appeared to be aimed at not providing the information requested, and that was disturbing to them.

You have to ask…  Is Vernon Township and Mayor Marotta hiding something?  What is happening with their hiring practices?  This is something we will be watching for in the coming days.

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  2. Wolfie says:

    Thank you for your efforts to present us with information we don’t usually get. The First Amendment is a strong disinfectant for corruption. Open government is the bane of the corrupt and their lawyers. Keep breaking their balls.

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