The Byram Township Council met the day after last week’s primary election to pass an ordinance to extend the reach of the controversial Highlands Act over land use in the township. The ordinance amends township land use rules to accept Highlands Regional Master Plan mandates.Passed in 2004, the Highlands Act locked-up huge portions of Sussex County in order to safeguard water use for urban communities. While the Act was supposed to compensate property owners for their loss of use, successive Governors have not done so. The Highlands Regional Master Plan has been pointed to by many as a public evidence of Agenda 21.

Skylands Victory PAC boss John Ursin is a former member of the Highlands Coalition Board of Trustees, a group that supports the Highlands Act and the Highlands Regional Master Plan. The Byram Township attorney and his SuperPAC have supported Byram Councilman Scott Olson, who has led what some have called “the Agenda 21 forces” in support of the Highlands Regional Master Plan.

According to documents obtained by the New Jersey Herald, Councilman Olson received three $5,000 payments from the Highlands Coalition “to write newsletters”.

Before the vote, some members of the Byram Council argued that Olson needed to recuse himself from the vote on the grounds that his participation was “morally and ethically unsound”. Unsurprisingly, the township’s attorney ruled that there was no conflict of interest. The pro-Highlands Act (pro-Agenda 21) ordinance was passed 3-1 with one abstention.

  1. michele says:

    Both the council member who abstained and the one who voted no received *substantial* funding and resources from Skylands Victory PAC during their campaign, and have strong ties to the “Penis Club”

  2. Carlos says:

    The Council Person who abstained did so in principal because he refused to vote with an unethical person.

  3. Jill says:

    Why are We The People allowing a PAC to control our municipal and local governments? WE have no one to blame but ourselves. Pathetic.

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