How Ethical is County Government?

Posted: June 8, 2012 in County Wide
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In the coming weeks we will be examining this question in great detail. Under the Local Government Ethics Law, enacted in 1991, county government officials are required to disclose their sources of income and their financial holdings. They also have the duty to disclose potential conflicts of interest resulting from payments made by special interests (whether corporate or individual) who have business before county government or local governments which impact the county. Is this law being adhered to and how strictly?

There’s the campaign finance and disclosure laws, administered by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission. How well are these being followed by Sussex County’s elected officials?

Also, many professional organizations with members who hold appointed positions of trust in county and local government have ethics guidelines and by-laws. Are these being breached in Sussex County?

Finally, there is the question of government transparency. How well is the spirit of the open government and open public records laws being adhered to? How well is the law being obeyed? Does government assist the citizen in what he or she wants to uncover about the workings of government and how tax money is being spent – or does it spend more tax money on lawyers to fight citizens’ right to know? Our open records laws came about after the corruption of the Watergate Scandal – almost forty years on, how are they faring?

The answers to these questions are going to surprise you.

  1. m.b. says:

    Sussex County is a no go for opra requests. McConnell doesn’t believe residents should know anything.

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