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Two sources from inside the Vernon Township Municipal building have stated that officials are scrambling as a result of recent Open Public Records Act requests.  Officials as high as Mayor Marotta and including the township attorney and their correspondence regarding the hiring of certain individuals are among documents being sought in an OPRA request filed with the township.

According to the sources, who requested anonymity, the request is stirring consternation because of the relationship between the township attorney and the Skylands Victory PAC, as well as current township Business Administrator Gerald Giamis. (more…)

The Byram Township Council met the day after last week’s primary election to pass an ordinance to extend the reach of the controversial Highlands Act over land use in the township. The ordinance amends township land use rules to accept Highlands Regional Master Plan mandates. (more…)

In the coming weeks we will be examining this question in great detail. Under the Local Government Ethics Law, enacted in 1991, county government officials are required to disclose their sources of income and their financial holdings. They also have the duty to disclose potential conflicts of interest resulting from payments made by special interests (whether corporate or individual) who have business before county government or local governments which impact the county. Is this law being adhered to and how strictly? (more…)

U. S. Senate candidate Bader Qarmout has a plan that would allow those illegally in the United States to work here, open a bank account, and obtain a driver’s license. That much everyone agrees on. The Qarmout campaign claims that this isn’t an “amnesty” plan, while opponents of his plan say that it is.

The core of the Qarmout plan allows illegal immigrants to have many of the privileges and services of American citizens, provided they pay a “fee” of $19.25 per week. Opponents point out that this comes to $2.75 per day or “less than the price of a Big Mac” sandwich. (more…)